High Hopes in the French Alps

Italy to France to Italy

looking down to Rossier and the three valleys in the distance

looking down to Rossier
and the three valleys in the distance

cruising to France from Italy!

cruising to France from Italy!

We’ve had a couple of great days skiing…

On the 11th February. We decided to go to the other side of the mountain, as the forecast was for sun on the other side, and cloud on this side. When we went to La Thuile last time, it was a bit too cloudy and visibility was poor, so we didn’t get the chance to make the most of the place, so we made a return visit with the intention of doing the Italy to France (Rossier) route.

It was a long route which included a few flatter ‘pole work’ areas! but having said that, the runs were excellent! and it was great to ski across from Italy into France, and back again! We had some soup in Italy around 4pm, and were pretty much done in by that time…

Really interesting place to ski, and the off-piste looked fantastic, but challenging… I’m working my way up to that one…

One regret, I wish I’d taken my mini gps to record the distance we skied today, it would have been good to see.

Les Houches – Chamonix Valley

Continuing on…

Yesterday, we went to our local Les Houches ski area, which was amazingly good! The snow quality was good, and the layout of Les Houches seems to have expanded quite a bit! – We did most of the runs, and our final one was the Black Kandahar piste … that was excellent! there’s more snow on the way, and more skiing next week! Hopefully have another go at the Kandahar, with more snow… we won’t be doing any ‘jumping’ off the edges though!



Have to say, we have been thinking about flying a lot recently, and we’re hankering to get back in the air! It’s just too cold, and the snow is just too good to miss, so we’re going to have to stay grounded and snowbound for the time being… still, the flying season will be upon us soon enough!

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