High Hopes in the French Alps

St. Gervais – Megeve Skiing!

Good day out on the slopes in our local ski area, of St. Gervais and Megeve. Decided to have a go at using my little Garmin wristband GPS, to recorded the days skiing! It worked out quite interesting. Apparently, I managed to clock 47.3kms on the skis at one point, (although Garmin Connect states 50kms) being the maximum! Sorry didn’t take any photos, too busy enjoying the slopes! I actually had a go at doing the slalom, all the ‘gates’ were set up, so I thought I’d give it a go! It was not being used, and there weren’t any ‘schools’ setting up, so just had to have a go! It was a lot of fun, and would like to do it again…  The weather has been great, and the snow condition excellent. More precipitation is forecast for today, so the plan is to go to Italy tomorrow. Today, is clagged in everywhere so we’re going to spend the days indoors for a change!

I’ve uploaded the garmin ski track, which does include the straight ski-lifts back up, if your interested. The bar at the base of the picture can be used, to check speeds, elevation etc.

Sorry it seems that it will only play if you have ‘flash player’. If not you could consider downloading the Photon app, not just for this, but for other “non-flash” player devices. It costs £2.99 though, but it’s good sometimes when other stuff doesn’t work because of the ‘flash player’ restrictions. In the meantime however, I’ll see if there is any other way around this, but am not sure…

February 19, 2014 - Posted by | Skiing

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