High Hopes in the French Alps

Needing a Proper Holiday!

Well, we hadn’t had a proper holiday in ages, so given we had this time and the Brits, although started off fun, rapidly progressed into an event, that just began to feel too much like ‘work’, and after having met up with other pilots who all seemed to have been refreshed after their ‘other proper holidays’ it just made me/us feel so desperate to get away from flying for a while! As we went straight from work into the competition environment and, it felt like ‘just too much!’

Folded Wings!

Folded Wings!

I was somewhat disappointed, but also felt that a desperate change of scenery was very much needed, and after missing the third task, which would have been the task to clinch the deal for me, I was walking with Dennis to the VW garage in the ever increasing heat of the day to collect our vehicle after having the windscreen wipers completely pack up, on the way down, where we were forced to take shelter until the rain passed, and we drove on trying to outrun the rain. I suppose, I could have gone up to launch alone, which in hindsight I should have done, but I was concerned that the VW garage was such a long way away, and the weather had been quite stormy in the morning, so I wrongly assumed the weather would continue to deteriorate, or at least if the sun would come out, it would result in rapid overdevelopment. Wrong on both counts!!

I forget that the mountains next to the sea, are very different to the mountains in the High Alps, so the weather systems are very different…

Anyway, as we haven’t had a decent holiday, for some years, we decided, a proper recuperation by the sea, would be much more beneficial than to have to ‘push’ on to ever greater paragliding horizons, (although my paragliding horizon is quite flat at the moment!) whilst the simple delights of freshly caught fish, in a seafood restaurant, with a lightly chilled white wine, just seemed that little bit more appealing than a rickety ride up to take off, with some frantic launching whilst practising our collision avoidance skills in the ever over crowding skies before the opening of the Start Gate, and the emotional para-chatter of highs and lows, was just a push too far, to so we plumbed for the latter, and decided to leave and have a holiday! Yay…  🙂

P1060097So here we are in Croatia! What a lovely relaxing scene and the choice was the right one!

We are having a holiday!!

All is not lost on the competition front, although I am taking time to evaluate my feelings and thoughts about competing…

But for now! Happy Holidays!!





June 8, 2014 - Posted by | Day to Day

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