High Hopes in the French Alps

A Team of Distinction – X Pyr

Ok… Haven’t posted for a while, but generally things have reverted back to ‘normal’ in as much as we are back, and working!

My only complaint, is that I don’t get enough of my own flying in, and wish I was twenty years younger! Why…. because of things like this!!!

Fantastic X-Pyr a race based on the Red Bull X-Alps formula, a real endurance sport of hike and flying, simply brilliant. The X-Alps is one we love to watch here, because the scenery is familiar, but the X-Pyrenees, is different in a landscape that is not so familiar to us up here, but looks amazing… feel like a trip to the Pyrenees coming on!

Anyway, here’s the recent video of non other than “Mr X-Alps/Pyrenees” himself Mr Chrigal Maurer,  ‘finishing the race’… with his amazing support companion Thomas Theurillat who was with him (I should think!) every step and flight of the way! a team of distinction…

Here’s the link to the website, it you’d like to see it.  It is still continuing and if I understand the rules correctly, it will not be finished until 22:30 tonight…

July 18, 2014 - Posted by | Competition, Flying

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