High Hopes in the French Alps


Higgs Boson Monument

We’re having a little bit of time off at the moment, so the other day we ventured off to CERN in Geneva, and did the ‘tour’.  As it was out of season unfortunately, one of the areas was closed, as well as another of the museums. Not expecting too many people in the group, we were surprised to find that there were actually quite a few!

Very well presented, by the corduroy clad white haired typical, professor type of elderly knowledgeable gentleman. We were shown some impressive film, and old footage of CERNS beginnings, and saw the first HC in it’s original position. Thereafter, we walked to the the major ‘Giant’ ATLAS area where the main LHC is located. It was all very interesting, and I admit, I have wanted to visit CERN for ages, and have finally had some of my curiosity satisfied.  Even, though this most certainly is a feat of engineering, it seems to me, that within the descriptions of the ‘experiments’ and the ‘stepping out of the bounds’ of general ‘physics’ if I may put it like that, and taking the blind leap into the depths of Quantum physics, sounds to me ‘other dimensional’ however far fetched that may be interpreted, I do have my reasons!

After the ‘tour’ we ventured into the Globe of Science and Innovation where there was much more finger touch information on offer, within a ‘particle’ futuristic environment, where another short presentation commenced. All in all, very interesting to say the least….

Giant Atlas (of science) Control Room


Globe of Science and Innovation



The Universe of Particles

There are a lot more impressive photos on the internet, unfortunately my photographic skills are somewhat limited!

November 20, 2014 - Posted by | Day to Day

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