High Hopes in the French Alps

Flying Again!

The Unmissable BGD – Adam

So we’ve been in a bit of hibernation over winter, except when we were out skiing… But all that is pretty much over now… Which means…? Yes, the flying season is yet again upon us! Okay, so it’s been here for a while now, and there have been some excellent flights already achieved in and around the area, some great flights out of Chamonix, and the area.

So we’ve had a number of ‘beginner’ clients that have already ‘passed’ through our doors, and are on their way to becoming pilots, and now we are working with an American, called Carter! great name, wasn’t there a film named after him?

Hopefully, he will get his maiden flight tomorrow morning, it was just a tad too thermic for his first flight this morning, as the cloud was clinging to launch, for most of the morning, and when it cleared, it brought with it strongish thermic activity, so hopefully we won’t be delayed with the cloud cling, tomorrow.

Recently, we had the pleasure of the company of Bruce Goldsmith, who stayed with us en route, through the region, where Dennis managed to have a fly on his ‘Beginner’ A classified – Adam, glider, (very bright!), and the ‘B’ Classified – Wasp, which he flew this morning, I can’t comment on the handling or performance, but Dennis may, do a write up at some time.

The Hovering BGD - Wasp!

The Hovering BGD – Wasp!

So we had the usual fun and games with one of the students, in the tree (not ours, I hasten to add!). So yep, the season, is pretty much getting going, hopefully, I’ll get a chance to fly tomorrow… Haven’t quite got my teeth into it yet!

Yep. it's the new season alright!

Yep. it’s the new season alright!

April 20, 2015 - Posted by | Day to Day

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