High Hopes in the French Alps

Kuik II, Carerras and Cut Short Entertainment!

We’ve had a few days off, and not before time! – We haven’t stopped since March, so it has been a very welcome few days! We were hoping to go somewhere, but just recuperating after the winter driving season, then switching straight into para-instructing/teaching, has been continuous.

Dennis is now in the midst of trying out the Kortel Kuik II harness, (pod version) which he seems to be enjoying. It is certainly, a far-cry from the heavy but comfortable ‘armchair’ design of the KS, that we have both flown for years, but the much lighter material, boosted by the excellently positioned integral flight deck, is causing me much covetousness!

He has also, upgraded his Carerra to a Carrera Plus with the line and riser change, he seems to be enjoying the difference, although he does like to try many configurations i.e. harnesses, weight etc. but thus far, he’s very pleased with the upgrade.  He flew my ‘unaltered’ Carerra, for comparison, and I don’t think my Carerra is a threat in any way to the new version! As mine is the XS, it is taking longer for the revised and new line set to be produced, as with all ‘smaller’ versions it’s a waiting game, meanwhile here’s hoping we can get some of our own flying in over the next couple of days, as it is difficult to squeeze a reasonable flight in sometimes.

We were unfortunate with the foehn wind having arrived to mess it all up! Today was taken up with other things that get neglected, and we had threatening skies around 15:00hrs.

Here are a couple of pics of one of the locals, ‘thinking’ about it?! Then deciding better of it… there were a couple of dust devils thrown into the mix, just to add to it…. he did say he’d reimburse us all as the entertainment was cut short!

really neat!

really neat!

it aint gonna happen!

it aint gonna happen

very skilled wall building  considering the crazy wind!

very skilled wall building
considering the crazy wind!



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