High Hopes in the French Alps

Team GBR at Plaine Joux

Dennis and Steve, meeting up in the very place where Steve had his very first mountain flights!

Dennis and Steve, meeting up in the very place where Steve had his very first mountain flights!

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of catching up with team GBR on their flight over from Chamonix, as they landed here at Plaine Joux. It was great to catch up with both Steve Nash, and Richard Bungay, en route to Monaco. Couldn’t believe how amazingly ‘light’ and ‘flimsy’ Steve’s harness was! there was barely nothing to it!!!

They both were taking shade under the trees to the side of launch here, waiting for the thermals to kick off, which is usually around 1pm, which they were both fully aware of… taking off earlier would have made it much more difficult to climb out, although both a GTO, took off and managed to scrape out, Dennis took off, and did quite well, and I took off, maintained for a while ended up with my helmet varios’ sticky coming undone, (because of the heat!) so the thing was dangling about causing me unwanted distraction, so although I managed to squeak a climb, went to land, where Shirley was waiting with Sparky, and the Nova, X-Alps support vehicle. It was nice to have some friendly banter, whilst waiting and watching both Steve and Richard, take off and scrape around Varan launch area, before climbing out and heading off over to the Aravis, and on to Turnpoint 9, at Annecy.

2015-07-16 14.33.06

Team GBR scraping out over Varan launch…

That was yesterday, and Steve had a great flight and made it to Annecy which was his intention, but he did then manage to exceed that goal, and continue on further along the course.


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