High Hopes in the French Alps

X-Alps – It’s All Over!

So I started this blog post, way back… saved it in ‘drafts’, and only now have just found it again… thought I’d post it anyway!

*         *          *

Final day of the X-Alps, and honestly! I’m glad to get my life back!!!

It’s incredible just how roped in one gets, into this race with all the ups and downs, together with all the added emotional turmoil and whatnot! And I’m just watching! – Competition is a funny animal…

My personal take on it, is that where there are winners there are always losers, and this year has been one of great winners and sad losers. Even though, consolation in having participated soothes somewhat, it is a bit of a Jobs comforter, in light of all the preparation, hard work, and commitment, so after all has been spent and not having made the ‘life-raft’, can only be one of the biggest disappointments any of the participants would have to shoulder, considering just how close, and yet how far the ‘result’ was.

It all seemingly boils down to how well knowing and reading the mountains, the climate and  micro climates that are formed and found in and around the heights and the depths that make up the Alps, their subtle and distinct differences, that, and the affinity one has with this fast-moving land and cloudscape, to assess the precision timing required for one’s progress, picking and choosing the most progressive, productive and direct line through an intricate combination of multiple options, and considerations, whilst avoiding potential cul-de-sacs, is a highly acquired skill, taught by the mountains and valleys themselves, (that, endless map scrutiny and reading some really good books etc.)

The X-Alps, is seemingly so much more than a race…

Only gripe, was that Red Bull could have perhaps kept their finger on the pulse a little more with the ‘live-tracking’, and perhaps made more of an effort for mainstream tv coverage…. but will that ever happen? Probably not, the public seem to prefer the game show, where one million pounds can be won, by joe public, performing daring feats, like walking a rope ladder across a river tied to a safety harness!

Anyway, here is a link to the final results of the athletes…

August 23, 2015 - Posted by | Day to Day

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