High Hopes in the French Alps

Skiing Over? Not Quite!

14-04-2016 Grands Montets 1 So just when we were about to stow our ski boots, and hang up our skis for the season, lo and behold… more snow! Yea! (my preferred spelling)… extended skiing!  We ventured up to Les Grands Montets where there was no snow shortage! It was a glorious day, beautiful blue sky, a fresh covering of pure snow, and areas just waiting to be skied! As Les Grands Montets is located at the top end of the Chamonix Valley, it is considerably higher than other areas so the snow condition is maintained for much longer.

What a fantastic ski! Absolutely loved it! Most of my/our skiing has been around Les Contamines, St. Gervais, Megeve, Les Houches, and Courmayeur but skiing in Les Grands Montets just upped my game a whole gear! After having tackled the well skied tight moguls and attempting deep crud, with one face plant! (ha ha :-D) and some untouched powder areas, I’d felt like I’d done a full workout phew!

It was just an unexpected bonus ski day… so we haven’t quite put our skis away just yet.

The flying? – Isn’t far away, we’ve already started with our first fledgling EP/CPC pilot, so we’re already underway, the snow doesn’t usually stretch out this far, and it’s a shame to waste it, it will all be closed probably by the end of next week, so I’m in no hurry to fly (personally), when the snow is so darn good!!!

The flying is going well, and many are clocking up some good distances, in turbulent spring thermals, but we have been bothered somewhat by strong winds, and the foehn adding to the mix, so the flying although exciting, is not smooth by any means, which is usual for this time of year.





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Spring is Settling In :)

2016-04-10 13.35.21Yesterday, we were skiing, or making a lame excuse for skiing, today the sun is shining and the blossoms are flowering on the trees!

Today, there are people flying! It’s a lovely spring flyable day, and we have our first EPC client.

Tomorrow, it looks like winter may yet be returning, but who knows?! Flying is on the verge now, time to sort out equipment and stuff!

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End of the Ski Season :(

2016-04-09T12-37-26+02-00Really sad that the ski season, is coming to a rapid close.

We’ve enjoyed some lovely skiing, but not enough for my liking this year… and am already considering ‘bigger’ plans for next season! Can’t wait! – Looking forward to expand my ski repertoire, somewhat so hopefully if all goes to plan a new venture may be in the offing!

Courmeyeur closed yesterday, and everything is gradually on the shut down…

I was quite desperate to get out on the snow yesterday, and we finally decided to venture up to La Balme, as there was at least a 35% chance of some sunshine, after a light overnight snow dusting. The closer we got, the greyer it was, no problem parking! wonder why?! And we were also offered a couple of passes, for next to nothing from some people who were trying to sell theirs!

Deciding, that we’d come this far, we decided to go up anyway, and at least give our skis an all but final run, for the season, and this is what we were greeted with!

Really very depressing… the conditions were as you can see or not!

It was ok-ish, but we only managed one run down in the miserable but ‘laughable’ conditions, which was enough! Bit pathetic really, but it was just bof!


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