High Hopes in the French Alps

Snow Brainer!

2016-04-17T13-30-13+02-00This is the final week of eeking out what’s left of the snow, even though we’ve had a further covering! We’ve had more snow in April, than we had in December! So we battled through the rain lower down, and were transported into the snow higher up!

Ok, so the conditions were pretty appalling really, but we wanted to try out some new skis. Well, sadly they didn’t have my size, but Dennis managed to try a new pair. Unfortunately the visibility was virtually zilch, and the snow condition was ski-able,  but not really of any decent enough quality to form a valid opinion of the skis. Shame really, however all was not lost, as we managed to squeeze out a further day, where the conditions were somewhat better, and at least I managed to try a pair of skis in my size, and well… I’m sold! So even though the skiing is just about well and truly over, a couple of new pairs of skis is definitely soon to be on order!

Just a little additional note… today is the last day of Les Grands Montets opening, regardless of the excellent snow fall we’ve had! Very frustrating to see the inviting snow condition up at Le Tour, and all the chair lifts parked!

It appears that there is quite a gathering up at Les Grands Montets for  the final farewell to the winter ski season.. Sad to think that it’s time to finally put away the ski boots, makes me sad…

So that’s pretty much wrapped up our winter ski season… so here’s to the flying! And flying! yes it’s all starting to kick off!

We’ve already had some flying, and EP/CPC training, but it should start in earnest next week.. given the forecast. Midweek onward is not looking to bad, and anyway by then the alternative distraction should have all but been removed.






May 1, 2016 - Posted by | Skiing

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