High Hopes in the French Alps

The Italian Job!


Dennis just launched

So the weather this side of the mountain was pretty poor, and had been the day before, with loads of precipitation and snowfall! Yes, more snow… so much so, that it had even settled on Plaine Joux launch! so Monday was all but written off …however…  it was all looking so much better through the tunnel on the Italian side, so we decided to venture into the Aosta valley in Italy for the day, and what a day it turned out!

Absolutely gorgeous! Lovely soft wind, and complimentary thermals, gentle grassy launch areas, and a neat little bar, where Italian hospitality, pizza and gelato were very much welcomed! It almost felt like a holiday day!

There will be no doubt to where we’ll be going next time the weather is disagreeable this side of Mont Blanc and that would be Monte Bianco!!


late afternoon/early evening flying Italian style!



Dave, deciding to give up chasing the con/chem-trails, and head for the bar landing field!


20160524_162843 (1)

Theo… our new apprentice in preparation mode.


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