High Hopes in the French Alps

Hike & Fly II

Still got high pressure sitting over us, it’s been here for ages and doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere in a hurry, consequently, we’ve been stuck in a perpetual groundhog day scenario, weather wise. The lifts only opened yesterday, so today we did a St.Gervais, mini-hike & fly, it was another glorious day. The snow isn’t up to much though, so skiing doesn’t seem that appealing at the moment. They are doing their best to make pistes work, and they do… but more fun to fly when ski conditions are poor.  We’ve decided to wait for a decent snowfall before we don our skis again, that said, some snow is forecast for early next week “possibly…”  We tried the St. Gervais flight yesterday but the wind was too strong, so today we decided earlier might be better and it was, we flew! It was a lovely flight, tomorrow I may give the Epsilon a bit of an airing, it hasn’t been out for a while!

Incidentally, we did have a more demanding 3½ hour hike up to Plancerts, Les Houches, the other day, it was perishing cold to start with, with some very steep sections, on ice/packed snow, bit disconcerting, and finally at the top treacherous ice, then after a very civilised coffee and snack, we hiked over pisted artificial snow and precariously picked our way on the downhill on more uneven frosted snow/ice to finally finding somewhere to launch!

The flight over the valley back home was gorgeous, on both counts, cold but gorgeous! Sorry no pics of the Plancerts flight, but a couple from St.Gervais, thought the camera was, on, wrong! It was off… I’ll get used to it eventually. Some pics of the hike though.

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