High Hopes in the French Alps

The Anticipation of the Parabrother’s!

Brother’s Preparing.

Brothers, ready and waiting!

So now after all the Mont Blanc excitement has calmed down, here’s the update of what’s been happening with our L platers, a couple of brothers who are coming on great, considering the heat they are having to work in!

The morning conditions have been excellent for practice for them though, and the whole riser, glider set up etc. has become established. We will be moving on to CP tasks of Big Ears and Speed Bar with them tomorrow and that’s on their third flying day, so it can’t be bad.

Dennis did a tandem a couple of days ago, and thankfully they managed to get off the hill! You’ll see why in the photo… of how not to be a tandem passenger! I’ve been sweltering up on the launch area for quite some time, and an beginning to feel the big melt! But it’s cooler up there than down at landing!

We’re going to have a change from ‘beginner’ work next week as we’ve got one of our regulars returning to us so some flying is in the offing… hope the weather holds out.

Whilst on launch and heard a helicopter arriving at the back, and my first thoughts were ‘O! no!’ but then I noticed it wasn’t a pompiers rescue helicopter but some sort of social one…

It seems Marie Antoinette turned up! I tried to get a picture of her, but couldn’t quite get one… although I did get the helicopter, never a dull moment eh?!


Couldn’t resist this picture… Lovely! Olivier and young passenger!


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Dell-boy and Aussies in Annecy.

So after all the problems with my old Dell ‘boy’ computer, I finally acquired a new HP one instead, and it’s silent and working and hasn’t crashed on me once! It’s great not having the thing seize on me every five minutes.

Dennis, went to Annecy, with two “Aussie Frenchmen!!” brothers; Earle and Dean, who flew with us last year, they had some stuff they wanted to sort out, like line changes and test flying a potentially new glider, so both jobs were accomplished there. It was an extremely stable day, and looking out the window I wasn’t feeling all that inspired so preferred to try to transfer stuff from my old computer to the new one and was quite happy to wait for a better day.  It was completely blue, an early morning flight out of Chamonix, would have been good, but it would have been difficult trying to scrape through the inversion here. Apparently, Annecy was no better, until very late in the afternoon when it switched on. Which was the same here, but there was a strong wind presence from what I could make out, that arrived later in the afternoon

They had a good day in Annecy, even though it started very late. I was surprised to learn that it was quiet, that is such a rarity, Annecy, quiet in July? never! Dennis flew two tandems one early this morning in Plaine Joux with Jordan, Dean’s young son, before going to Annecy, and then flew again later  with their grandad so everyone got to have a fly.

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